|tb| Tactical Brotherhood was formed in August 2008 when three friends with a keen interest in creating a place where tactical realism was genuine and where team oriented gamers could hang out, came together to make it happen. So we created a community for those that are 18+ and also enjoy tactical play.

Since that time, many have joined our brotherhood. We have gamers from 19 to 60+ years of age. We have one primary thing in common among us --- an interest to promote our style of play in our game server; and to offer tactical gamers a place to escape the overly fast-paced action of many run-n-gun and even some “tactical” servers.

While we started as a single game clan with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the fracturing of the PC gaming community by developers over the past few years has brought us to a place where our members enjoy a wide variety of games. 

Over the past few years we have played together various titles together such as: CoD: United Offensive, CoD: World of War, CoD: MW2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, ARMA 2, CoD: Black Ops, Battlefield 3, CoD: MW3, Invasion 1944, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, Company of Heroes 2, Borderlands 2 among many others

Today we provide a home for gamers who play many games. Our primary games are World of Tanks and Insurgency. We also have a fair number of members & guests that join our TS daily and play a variety of RTS and simulation games.

No matter what game we choose to play or how many play it, one thing remains .... our community is one of like-minded gamers that enjoy the "social" side of gaming almost as much as the games themselves.

If this sounds like you, please feel free to stop by our server and to join us on teamspeak to see if this might be a great home for you!